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Pinky's Testimonial

Joanna knows exactly what you need from your first few lessons, and tailors her lessons to suit your driving ability. You could do hours and hours of driving yet not improve just like how I was with my previous instructor; yet Joanna tailors every driving lesson to your current driving ability to ensure that every lesson is fruitful. Her years of experience have allowed her to know central London inside out, and she can find new routes for you to pick up new skills every lesson. She prepares you not only for the test routes, but also every skill needed in operating a manual car. I am now far from the nervous wreck when simply navigating right turns at the start, and can confidently handle dual carriageways now. I am extremely happy to have changed instructors midway as I managed to meet Joanna, and have finally passed my test with her! I would recommend her to anyone, male or female, as Joanna is extremely friendly and fun, and would definitely make your lessons a joy.





Laura's Testimonial

I started lessons with Jo after a 5 year break from driving to learning to drive. I was nervous and slightly under time pressure as I had to get my license for an upcoming job.I had a couple of instructors before Jo and she really stood out as an amazing instructor: kind, patient and knowledgeable. I had to work around a busy schedule of finals at university but I was still able to pass my test first time with only 2 minors!

Jo massively helped my confidence in driving - when I first started I was very jittery and dual carriageways were a bit of a nightmare for me, but by the time I passed this was overcome completely. I can 100% recommend Jo if you are look for an instructor.





Dani's Testimonial

I cannot believe I've passed my driving test! I've gone from having a life-long phobia of driving to driving a car in central London. Incredible!

Thank you so much Joanna for being a brilliant instructor, I couldn't have done it without you. Your endless patience and confidence in me, helped me so much. I thoroughly recommend Joanna to anyone who wants to learn to drive.