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Esme's Testimonial

Learning to drive with Jo has been an absolute delight, and I'm so thrilled to have passed my test in the pandemic. It's a real highlight and not just because nothing else has been happening!

Jo is calm, patient and very knowledgeable driving instructor - I now feel capable of tackling any kind of driving thanks to my lessons in and around Central London. Every lesson was different and every lesson was fun! I'm over the moon to have passed my test but I will miss learning with Jo very much - I cannot recommend her highly enough.










Ava's Testimonial

For the last few years I had been stopping and starting driving lessons with various instructors, finding it difficult to motivate myself to learn, especially since I wasn't natural driver. It felt like the idea of having a driving license was becoming a bit of a lost cause....

When I finally found Joanna she happily fit in around my work schedule, I even moved jobs a couple of times and she was happy to change drop-off locations to suit me. Even when I suffered a broken bone, Joanna kept my lesson time open for me so that when I was healed, I could step right back into lessons with the least amount of fuss. She was very dedicated to making sure I didn't give up, even through set backs like this which kept me motivated to keep learning. 

Learning how to drive at rush hour in London can feel pretty daunting (especially for anxious drivers like me!) but Joanna was great at balancing my confidence as a driver but also pushing me out of my comfort zone - the A1 at 8:30am suddenly doesn't feel so terrifying! We drove all over the city and there isn't an area in London she doesn't know and would never let me get away with bad habits. Joanna really does teach you how to be a good driver, not just to pass a test.

It took two attempts, but this month I passed my test with only two minors! Which is incredible given the pure horror that driving instilled in me for the first few months that I was learning. Thanks to Joanna I didn't give up and she made something that I was terrified of, actually enjoyable!