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Céline's Testimonial

I was very nervous to start driving again having failed three tests in Edinburgh when I was 19. I tried two other instructors in London before coming across Joanna's page online and after reading the testimonials, I was very sure it was Joanna I needed to learn with - and I was right! The positive experiences you read of her in testimonials are entirely accurate. For the first time, I genuinely enjoyed and looked forward to my driving lessons. We had great chats, we were often laughing and the two hours would fly by every time! I didn't have a lot of confidence to start, but in no time I was comfortable behind the wheel and knew exactly where my strengths were. It wasn't easy and learning in London is certainly a baptism of fire, but I failed three times in Edinburgh and passed the first time here and I really think that speaks for itself. Thank you so much, Jo - I couldn't have done it without you!






Emily's Testimonial

My friends were always negative about learning to drive in London, which kind of put me off! However, I decided to take the plunge and came across Jo's website, which I loved. Straight away from the first lesson, Jo put me at ease about the car and the entire process of obtaining my license. From the off, she was very friendly and very honest detailing what my experience would be like. The Ipad app she uses explaining junctions was excellent, and initially I was very nervous when transitioning onto the main roads, but with Jo's support, I really didn't mind them in the end. Learning to drive in London was a big learning curve, but as Jo always said, "if everybody else can do it, then you can do it too"!